What's here? Information I'm learning about farming and Android apps I've created: Planter monitors. Field Notes. Soil Sampling. A DuoRate controller. Internet Of Things... Click on images!

Inexpensive GPS / RTK Autosteer Soil Sampling & App Planter Monitor
DuoRate controller for variable rate planting Liquid Flow Monitor Field Notes on map
Solar powered soil temperature and moisture probe. Info to cell phone. Planter test stand and app Row Unit computer for controlling seed squirter.

From Jim:
2017 is my 8th year farming as an adult. We have a 180 acre farm north of Boone, Iowa where I raise corn and soybeans. I got into farming late in life. My dad taught school and farmed when I was growing up. I helped a little. Our farm was four hours away from home. When I was in my 20's, I asked my dad if he wanted me to farm or not. He told me to move to town and get a good job. So I spent 30 years in computer applications development. In 2008 we bought farm land about an hour away. I had a 1965 John Deere 3020 tractor and an old field cultivator. I bought a 1969 John Deere 7000 planter with some aftermarket precision parts on it and started to learn about modern farming. I am fortunate to have friends and relatives who introduced me to such things as auto steer and modern planter monitors. So I look at farming through the eyes of a computer guy. I want to be able to use the newest technologies that don't require spending big bucks for new equipment.

  Destinctive Difference

Poverty is the mother of invention. If you aren't a big farmer, you've got to use tools that you can afford. As a farmer desiring these tools that benefit myself, I'm building apps and monitors, and GPS equipment for the me as a small farmer, with smaller equipment, that I can afford.

  What I've been working on...

Winter 2017 future projects: - On the planter: On one row, squirt fertilizer around the seed only instead of a continuous stream using affordable technology.
- Add 2X2 liquid fertilizer to both sides of the row (Schaffert G2's). Currently to only one side.
- Add Schlagle Posi-close wheels to the second side of each row on my planter.
- Add Precision Planting's Furrow Jet seed firmer to one or two rows on my planter.
- Internet of Things devices: Field conditions - temperature and moisture. Motion detection - intruder notification. Using cellular connectivity to my cell phone and web database.
- I gave up on 2015's winter's project to develop an inexpensive way to plant two varieties. At least for the time.
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